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Local Authorities

We work closely alongside Local Authority teams and are always willing to provide as much flexibility and support required to meet the assessed needs of child's / young person's care plan and achieve positive outcomes for the children / young people in placement with us.

Placement Information

All placements of children and young people with us are made and monitored in accordance with the National Fostering Service Regulations.

Out of Hours/Fostering Vacancies

A duty availability list is available on request. Please email during office hours 9.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday on  / telephone 01753 86 86 86 or out of hours 5.00pm to 9.00am Monday to Friday and at weekends/public holidays please contact Zaneb Khan on 07977 475 689.


Our rates are very competitive and are open for negotiation for bulk and sibling placements.


We are able to provide reasonable transport to and from placement.

Supervised Contact Centre

We have a contact centre based in an area with local amenities, such as McDonalds, KFC and many other favourable places.
Supervision can be provided as necessary.


Bilingual interpreting and translation services in relevant mother tongue languages. For more information please contact 07977 475 689.

Education of Children and Young People

We have extended educational support services such as one to one tutors and group tutoring for those children and young people who are not attending school, homework clubs, prep groups for exams, course work and securing school places through our partnership with the Life Long Learning Centre and Ad-Astra.

Training and Development of Foster Carers

We have training pathways that are available to all foster carers through our partnership with local colleges. Local authority in house foster carers can also join in on these events. Please contact 07977 475 689 for more information and our Annual Training Programme details.

Therapy Services

We work with a team of qualified and experienced therapist and psychologists who offer assessment and consultation on an individual basis to those supporting children or young people in placements and the wider network as required.

Support Services

We have a team of highly experienced Support Workers who work with the child/young person’s Social Worker and the Foster Carer's Supervising Social Worker to prepare a support package at the beginning of a placement to help maintain the placement.

Mentoring For Foster Carers

We have very skilled and experienced foster carers who are available to provide Peer Mentoring to new foster carers and those that require additional support.

For more information please contact us.