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Our Values

At Bridging Gaps Fostering Agency we focus all our efforts on the children and those who care for them.  Our values are built upon these two groups and everything we can do to help them.

  • Child focused
  • Keep children healthy and safe from harm
  • Be positive about children and young people
  • Put the needs of children and young people first
  • Raise awareness and develop strategies to prevent bullying
  • People are valued, respected and listened to
  • Children’s innate abilities are promoted, their achievements recognised and celebrated
  • Challenge discrimination and promote anti discriminatory practice at all times.
  • Ensure the child/ young persons views are heard
  • Recognise and value the work of staff and foster carers.
  • Support carers and help them meet required standards and demonstrate best practices in every aspect of their fostering career and also help them to ensure the same quality across the board.
  • Provide foster carers with demand led development and mentoring needs
  • Provide access to support 24 hours a day – everyday throughout the year.