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How Carer's Children Feel

If you have already read the practical advice on how to become a foster carer, you will know what to expect but to really understand how fostering will affect not only you but also other members of your family, especially children we have included some of our foster carers children’s prospective views.
It is a true picture of their thoughts and feelings
N.B: names have been changed to protect the identity of the children but all are based on real life situations and events.

Case Studies:

1)    My name is Irfan. I am 12 years old. I live in Langley with my mum, brother and sister. I am very close to my mum, she is very kind and caring and she wants to become a foster carer. I want her to become a foster carer, I know what foster care is, it is looking after children who can’t live with their own families. I feel excited about having another child in the house and I don’t mind if it is a boy or a girl. I get on with girls too, I have lots of girl cousins and I will help the child to live happily in our house. I will play with them and maybe help them with homework. This is a new thing for me and It feels like an adventure.

2)    My name is Fuz and I am 16 years old. I live in Cippenham. I am looking forward to having a foster child in our house as it will be a new challenge and hopefully we will be able to offer the child a good home. I will try and make them feel comfortable and will play games with them and help them when necessary. I feel sad when I hear about children who have to go in to foster care but I feel happy we will be able to help.