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What is Fostering


Fostering is looking after other people's children in your own home as part of your family. Foster children come in all ages from birth to eighteen years and stay for various lengths of time ranging from overnight to the entire period of their childhood.

Our future depends on the hands of today’s children, giving each of us the responsibility to help them reach their full potential, especially those who require a little more extra nurturing. They say everyone has a different story to tell but for children who come to us, the outcome is sadly the same. Abandoned, abused, or simply born to parents who are unable to look after them, each child has reached the same crisis point in their young lives; they face growing up away from the love and support of their own family.

Who needs foster homes?

Children and young people from different cultures, backgrounds and of different ages may need foster care at certain times in their lives.

There is also a need for young people with physical disabilities, those seeking asylum in this country or a young person who is a parent or about to become a parent.

Fostered children very often return to their own families when the situation which led to their coming in to foster care is resolved. Unfortunately, when this is not possible for particularly older children or groups of brothers and sisters, they normally spend their whole childhood in long term or permanent foster care. Sometimes they stay with their first foster family and on other occasions families are specifically found to meet their needs.

Foster carers required.

There is currently a shortage of foster carers nationally we are actively seeking to recruit carers, please browse through our website and contact us if you would like to join our family of foster carers and work with us to make a difference to the lives of many children and young people.

Placement service

Our placement service is available 24 hours a day every day of the year to local authorities.

Our contact team have extensive knowledge of foster cares available and work with supervising social workers to deal with matching and placement issues. Please contact the team on 01753 86 86 86 (Monday –Friday ) 9:00am to 5:00pm or e-mail on

For out of hours services please contact 01753 868686 or e-mail This service can be used 24 hours, 7 days a week including public holidays.